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Our philosophy of work is that each type of treatment must be done by a professional who has specialized in that field.

Today, with the extraordinary and continuous advancement of knowledge and technologies in dental treatments, it is only possible to make current and quality treatments if made by a specialist. In our opinion, the old idea of the dentist who did everything, has become obsolete.
People can only be treated properly if the professionals specialize.

Marta Navarro
Dr. Marta Navarro
Odontólogo - Ortodoncia
Máster en ortodoncia
Dr. Héctor Grijalba Plaza
Dr. Héctor Grijalba Plaza
Dentist - Periodontics & Conservative dentistry
Master in Endodontics and Periodontics
Dr. Maximiliano Ballesi Idoria
Dr. Maximiliano Ballesi Idoria
Colegiado No. 29002153
Anahí Alterats
Anahí Alterats
Auxiliar Dental