In Hident we make all the treatments that your mouth may need. We treat both adults, children, and pregnant women.

Our Team
Our Team

At Clínica Hident we are a team of specialists who work together to create the best environment for you and your mouth.


The Dental Clinic Hident is located in the street Tenerife, Edf. Lorca, in the center of Arroyo de la Miel, Benalmádena

Our Clinic
Our Clinic

At Hident Dental Clinic we have modern facilities perfectly equipped with the latest technologies of the sector.


We believe that a friendly and personalized treatment facilitates the understanding between the professional and the patient, apart from creating a suitable environment for practicing dentistry. That is why we dedicate to each patient the time and attention that his / her case needs with our best smile.

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    In Hident we finance all our treatments up to 24 months and without interest, you will not notice your or your pocket.


    We perform a complete review with a diagnosis totally free. Take the opportunity to change what you do not like. It’s the moment!

    Here are the answers to the most common questions of our patients.

    The first step is to call our center to arrange a first visit with our team.

    It is usually necessary a minimum of 30 minutes to make a complete medical history, explain the need to perform some type of treatment, discuss all the possibilities and alternatives of treatment and provide an approximate budget.

    All treatments are performed by specialists who have attended different Masters and / or Courses reaching the highest levels of demand and real possibilities of treatment.

    About 4 years; In prevention of possible cavities in the temporary teeth that do not evolve and subsequently affect the permanent teeth.

    Evidently. With Orthodontics we can correct any problem at any age. From the age of 20 coinciding with the appearance of wisdom teeth, the teeth tend to move and worsen the smile that had. Ask us about your problem and we will explain the best solution for you.

    You may be in the first phase of the disease called Periodontitis (pyorrhea), one of its manifestations is bleeding gums. It is advisable to go to the office to avoid further bleeding, and to approach the problem with an appropriate cleaning treatment of teeth and gums in depth; Surely a dental hygiene will not solve the problem.

    Our facilities

    At Hident Dental Clinic we have modern facilities and the latest technology in dentistry to offer you the best treatments adapted to your particular case.

    In addition, we strive to create a relaxed atmosphere and a peaceful environment. We believe it is very important that you feel relaxed and at ease in your dentist, so we use air fresheners that create a pleasant atmosphere and a fresh smell, something our patients stand out when they enter Hident.

    Each patient receives a personalized attention through a multidisciplinary treatment, in which each specialist in each dental area contributes his vision to obtain the best results. We offer an integrated solution at the highest technical level.

    Our patients say

    Our success is based on personalized attention, closeness and warmth with each patient, always offering the latest advances in oral technology.