Age is no longer an impediment to aligning your teeth and improving your appearance. Your mouth and smile are fundamental elements in your personal appeal. A smile showing white, well-aligned teeth transmits health and youth at any age.

In addition, by properly aligning the teeth and adjusting the occlusion in adulthood, the health of the gums and the periodontal bone that sustains the teeth, and the tone and functioning of the joints and masticatory and facial muscles, are greatly improved. In short, not only will you get a more beautiful smile, but you will help preserve the longevity of your teeth.


In our consultation, the health of your mouth is as important as the aesthetics of your teeth, lips and face. The objectives and treatment plan are individualized for each case and we thoroughly examine them before you begin.

We use the latest technological advances in diagnosis, clinical techniques and orthodontic appliances, so that the treatment is as effective, comfortable and short as possible.

Fixed appliances can be small and transparent, so they will hardly affect your daily life. You can talk and eat normally and they are very discreet.

Fixed appliances can also be placed behind the teeth with the lingual technique and render them almost invisible (“Incognito” -3M).
For those who want to align their teeth but do not want, or can not, carry fixed appliances, there is the possibility of using the invisible aligners, almost invisible, with the advantage of being able to remove them when you consider appropriate (“Invisalign”).

In some cases, the origin of the most pronounced dental and aesthetic problems is due to defects in the size or position of maxillary bones. In these cases, ORTOGNACTIC SURGERY corrects the dental problems and, in addition, the harmony of the factions is restored, considerably improving facial beauty.

To know the best thing is that you come to see us.